Who is my ideal customer?

You can identify your ideal customer through 3 steps.

1. Your ideal customer has a problem

2. Your ideal customer is aware of their problem

3. Your ideal customer has a means and/or desire to find a solution to their problem.

It’s important you identify who your ideal customer is by understanding how they fit into all of the criteria.

Without any problems, there will be no value to offer.

Without any awareness of the problems, the customer won’t know that they need your service.

Without and means or desire to find a solution to their problems, they won’t see you as offering a solution.

If you are struggling to find your ideal customer image, ask yourself these questions;

 Who is my no.1 customer?

 Is there anything about this customer, or my experience with them, that I would like to change?

 Who is my least favourite customer, and what would I like to change about them?

From here you can begin creating a picture of your ideal customer. Ask yourself some of the following questions to help you narrow down to who your perfect customer is.

 – What problem are they trying to solve?

 – What makes them a great customer?

 – Are there important demographic traits that make them such a great customer?

If you are able to answer all of these points you are now in a better position to visualise your ideal customer. It may be easier for you to visualise your ideal customer by finding a photo and making sure this is visible when you begin writing.

The power of this exercise will help you to achieve the following two goals

1. It helps you to create a strong sense of clarity in your writing.

2. This will naturally allow you to tap into empathy, enabling you to write more meaningful content

By achieving these two things, you immediately have a recipe for a success. Speaking with clarity and understanding will come across on the page. The person you’re speaking to will connect immediately. This is how you build relationships, this is how you create a sense of interaction, this is how you turn a simple webpage into something personable. 

Writing with empathy will make you a better writer.

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