Writing with empathy will make you a better writer.

Often when we sit to write some content, we just start by writing the first thing that comes to our mind. This is called a first draft. Sometimes if we’re not too busy we may go back to look at it. More often than not we just take a second look to make sure there are no glaring spelling mistakes. 

Next time you sit down to write something to your customers or clients, take a second. Close your eyes and just imagine you are your ideal customer. Have that image so clear in your mind, really put yourself in their shoes. Connect with their experience and the problem they’re trying to solve.

What does it feel to have this problem?

What would you consider doing to overcome such a problem?

What solutions may have you already tried to overcome this problem?

This is a great way to connect with your customer’s experience and to demonstrate how you can provide real value in overcoming the problems they face. This should be just enough to give you the momentum you need to begin writing some amazing content that is useful and purposeful.

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Or just ask your current customers.

If that doesn’t seem to work for you, you might already have your ideal customers and there is no harm in asking them a few questions; especially if it means they’ll be getting a better service from it.

A few ways you can get some customer feedback is by asking open questions;

Why did you choose me over other companies?

What have you found to be most helpful in my service/product?

In what ways can I better serve you and help you find solutions?

What is the biggest problem you’re trying to solve in the next 6 months?

Understand what your existing customer base is experience can definitely provide you with some inspiration to begin writing new content for your brand. This can begin a whole new journey of how your business can truly connect with your customers.

Now it’s over to you..

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