Don’t do this common mistake that makes you want to quit

I often come across many businesses struggling with the same common marketing mistake. I often hear people telling me 

  • I’m not sure what to write about

  • What we publish doesn’t seem to get any responses and we’re not connecting like we used to

  • I’ve already said that and I’m tired of creating content that feels like I’m saying the same thing over and over.

Have you found yourself saying any of those things? I definitely have.

Without fail, whenever I encounter of of those issues, or hear a client telling they feel the same, it’s often because we have lost who our ideal customer is. Sometime’s we may not have even identified them in the first place.

It sounds too simple to be true – well, it is – when you connect and focus on your ideal customer, what you create will be the best version of; content, product, service and business possible.

Who is my ideal customer?

You can identify your ideal customer through 3 steps.

  1. Your ideal customer has a problem

  1. Your ideal customer is aware of their problem

  1. Your ideal customer has a means and/or desire to find a solution to their problem.

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