How to grow your brand on YouTube.

I love YouTube, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night it’s the best way to find useful and relevant information. It’s also the best companion for bitesize entertainment. It can be the window to your world for niche news reporting – and it can be so much more. Who doesn’t love YouTube?!

There are a couple of tips and tricks I will share with you which is the secrete sauce to successfully grow your YouTube Channel. Before you commit to this journey there is one critical thing you should know – it requires a lot of patience.

If someone had told me 5 years ago when I launch Soulblime, an online music blog celebrating the latest new releases in new soul, that I would since attract over 20,000 views on one of my mixtapes, I would never have believed you.

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Rule no.1 

The Snowball

Aim to create a content that is timeless, that reflects the core values of your brand. Once you upload your content, remember it is there for life, you want to create something that will not only appeal to people today, but can still resonate with people in fives years from now. At the beginning you may not see many people viewing your site, but just like me, you can wake up 5 years from now and be proud that thousands of people have engaged with your message, that have been made aware of your story.

Rule no.2


Styling your brand is very important. You have to ensure your brand is reflecting in the thumbnail of the video, in your titles, descriptions and everything! Your channel as to encompass the feeling you want people to experience, create a journey for people and make it clear and easy to find your content by having it stand out amongst the rest. 

This also includes creating clear channels and playlists to help people filter and find content that’s most relevant to them.

Rule no.3

Your Niche

What is content you want to share. Have a think about what you love doing and how the content you watch relates to that. You have to put yourself in the mind of your audience when you create content and share information and content that you know they will want to watch and listen to.

Rule no.4

Using Keywords and meta data effectively

Make list of the best keywords relating to your niche. It’s really important you do this and fill in every detail because YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google, so use that to your advantage. It’s important to know that most video traffic comes from search, same as Google – people search things YouTube when they have a problem that needs solving or to find answers to any questions.

The aim of the game is to optimise your content to ensure your video appears on that first page and you do this by selecting the right keywords.

What is Meta Data?

This is the data and information linked with your content and consists of;

  • Content/Video Title
  • The Description, what you may not know is that the first 100 words are most important so make sure you mention those keywords in the first sentence to boost your SEO.
  • Tags.

Rule no.5


Being consist with sharing your content across other platforms, engaging with other peoples channels, sharing new content and responding to any comments or feedbacks are essential in growing and cultivating an online audience. It’s not easy, it does require some attention but what you should really focus on is not how often you post content, but the quality of the message your publishing to the world.

Focus on your goal and in time you will see that YouTube is worth the investment.

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