Mutual Aid UK

COVID-19 has undoubtably had profound impacts on us all, in various ways. What became important to me at the time was to ensure our communities and neighbourhoods stay connected. This included everyone who makes our community, including vulnerable people, or those who are hard-to-reach and perhaps not online or without access to the internet.

Which is why I started my local Mutual Aid Group, and played a key role to ensure we created content so that all people were still able to reach support.

Initially we registered the N.21 and N.13 Mutual Aid Group to the nationwide site so people who live in the are can identify us as their local group.

We then created communication platforms such as the whatsapp group and facebook page to connect with other volunteers to organise ourselves and actions.

Designing these two posters, one that was printed professionally in colour, the second was for other people to print them off and share more widely once we ran out of the first bunch. This is so we can door drop and ensure we reach as many people as possible.

Posters were also created to put up in key shops opening during this time including Chemists, Supermarkets and Post offices.

Are you part of a local organisation that would like to engage more people?

Keen to hear your thoughts, let me know what challenges you may be experiencing and we can talk through some solutions.